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Our projects are committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as a worldwide initiative for creating positive change. Our commitment to the SDGs is reflected in all of our actions and presentations. We firmly believe that every person, regardless of their culture or background, deserves the chance to pursue their dreams and has equal value. 


One Dancefest  is a residency and performance project organised by Simba Arts. The residency brings together emerging armature and professionals in performing arts: dance, choreography, music and  visual arts to ask questions and look critically at  freedom, democracy,  inclusion & diversity  in Zimbabwe & Europe.


The project consists of 3 parts: 3-month research residency with public presentation in Zimbabwe in Jan - April ; 3-month research residency with a public presentation in Bergen in May - June and last 3-month residency and rehearsal period with 7 public performances in June - August in Zimbabwe.



Bergen Afro Arts Festival is a platform created by Simba Arts  to celebrate cultural diversity and offer a voice to African populations. This ethnic-arts festival seeks to mobilize and engage people of different nationalities in positive social actions through popular culture. It uses the energy and power of music and dance to bring about social transformation and development.


Through this initiative, communities and young people are encouraged to be pluri-versatile, embracing and celebrating diversity in its different forms. The previous editions of the festival received a tremendous success and this tenth edition is strongly awaited by many people.



The colloquial name for ME!FEST is "Me!First", a call to action for promoting a secure space and suitable stage for the youth's humanity, acceptance, diversity, and democracy to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in Mbare and other locations around Harare and Zimbabwe as a whole.  Make Me!First your priority in all aspects and watch as everything else falls into place according to the flow of nature, a common cause that has brought us together.


Our commitment to promoting the arts and preserving Zimbabwean cultural folk traditions remains at the forefront as the festival maintains its current format, featuring a variety of multidisciplinary events with a focus on folk music and contemporary dance.


Our ultimate goal is to transform the festival into a globally recognized event that will draw in both artists and tourists from all over the world.

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